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Monday, 03/03/14
The grounds for QuotesChimp superinflation fluctuate, depending on whose view is being expressed. Request the insurance industry and it will carry on about selfish lawyers bringing frivolous law suits that the underwriters have to spend millions to defend. It will rail against unethical body shops that charge unconscionable fees to mend about the exorbitant prices of medical attention and damaged automobiles.
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Monday, 02/10/14
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Sunday, 11/17/13
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Friday, 11/15/13
Don’t miss the weekly fan fic soap opera at fltlainerbooks.wordpress.com! I wrote a series of books with the idea that vampires and their lifestyle is nearly identical to bachelors and bachelorettes who use, abuse, and leave people heartbroken, depressed, and nearly lifeless. I took that thought further with the idea that since I have a B.S. in biology and know there is no natural way for vampires to exist, perhaps the first vampire was an angel who had gone mad and made a deal with the devil. In which case, God would give them an out similar to the one he have Lot with Sodom and Gomorrah. Then BAM! Six two hundred and something page long books were there. I work in healthcare and see how graceful and sometimes sad it is to be afflicted with diabetes which is why I like this blog. It gives a sense of community and support.Thank you so much for the invite.
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Thursday, 11/14/13
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Tuesday, 11/12/13
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Saturday, 11/09/13
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