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Monday, 03/03/14
Their respective ratings in Best's Insurance Reports and other reporting QuotesChimp. Remember, Best's is in your local library, but your agent should have a copy in his or her office as well. If two are A + + or A + companies and one is a B, chances are you will not want to choose the lower-rated one. Of course, nothing is absolute. Sometimes a lower-rated company will give you a better buy or benefits. In such cases just be sure that the extras you receive are worth the potential risk of choosing an insurance company that is less financially secure.
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Monday, 02/10/14
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Thursday, 11/14/13
Howdy For now I'll just list all our haunts from the 80s.Hot Gossip and Lexington Queen in Albert St (mall) where the strip joint is nowWall Street was uirtapss in Edward Street near the bike shop arcade (met Motley Crue up there in 1989)Court Jester (we used to call it Court Molester coz everyone was underage) before it became Alice's Rock Cafe (Rums $1.80)Metropolis was downstairs under the Myer Centre (hated the joint) but plenty of local bands played thereTracks was on the ground floor of the BCC building between Adelaide and Queen st across from Sherry's DisposalsSomeplace Else was the bar uirtapss at Central Station (used to pop in for a quickie before catching the train)QUT Campus Club had the ZZZ-club live acts every Tuesday night (saw the Lime Spiders and Hoodoo Gurus there!)Uni Refec out at St.Lucia campus was great for cheap drinksStratus was at the Homestead Hotel and went off around 1987/88 ( Stratus . the ultimate at-mos-phere )Sweethearts was at both the Colmslie Hotel and Alexandra Hills Hotel (Colmslie was The Blue Room before that)Brissies was at the Sunnybank Hotel and had local bandsDownstairs at the Treasury Hotel on George Street had the nickname The Bomb Shelter (saw Celibate Rifles there from memory)Lands Office Hotel was nearby and we used to drop in there for a few looseners on the way to QIT (it wasnt QUT back then!)Cinderella Rockefellers I remember going to but cant remember where it was (Spring hill perhaps?)The Underground was originally at the Boot Factory site near Suncorp Stadium (it was Lang Park back then)Images was on the top floor of the SGIO (Suncorp) building, and was Top Of The State before thatI saw Powderfinger at the Orient Hotel around 1991 and there was about 10 people there !!!Festival Hall was the main venue in Brissie. Saw ACDC, U2, Angels, Warrant, Party Boys, Split Enz, The Knack, Uncanny X-Men heaps of others there) Even saw the wrestling and Roller Game there when I was a kid.In the Valley, there was the Roxy, Manhattans, the Beat and the Hacienda. I think friday was gay night and saturday straight night at the Beat? Someone will remember.can't leave out Rock Arena at the Mansfield Tavern. (Saw Angels, Madness, Icehouse, Divinyls, Hoodoogurus, Radiators, Australian Crawl, Mondo Rock there)As for big gigs anyone remember the Ekka concerts each year ? 1985 had Kids in the kitchen and The Models, 1988 had the Cockroaches (before they became Wiggles) JBlack Sorrows and Divinyls, Another year Mental As Anything. I also frequented the Gold Coast venues . Bombay Rock on Cavill Avenue (saw Radiators, Machinations, Angels, Divinyls, Men At Work etc there) , The Playroom at Tallebudgera had no peer as the best live venue in the south east, The Patch hotel at Coolangatta, Grand Hotel at Southport, The Piggery was that former abattior down at Byron Bay .I also saw INXS at the Playroom when they were the resident band around 1981 (I was underage!) and there would have been no more than 50 people there lol.Think I'm tearing up here Mike [url=]fbnuxifvds[/url] [link=]tqhjxcf[/link]
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Wednesday, 11/13/13
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Tuesday, 11/12/13
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