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Sunday, 06/29/14
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Monday, 03/03/14
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Monday, 02/10/14
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Sunday, 11/17/13
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Friday, 11/15/13
book proposal land sondus a lot like grad school application land! perhaps they are next to each other on the map. i kind of can't wait to get home (tomorrow!). can't wait to hear about the book as it materializes, so excited to hear about the addition to delancey! thanks for sharing the lovely photos, seeing them makes me want to own a better camera and take my own amazing photos.
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Thursday, 11/14/13
I want to give a shout-out to my baby for his Birthday coming up this weeeknd, celebrating on Saturday! Happy Birthday Rob! Coming from Cali to celebrate at the Artisan! Can't wait! [url=]sjjvedfqc[/url] [link=]cxkigosrpaq[/link]
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Tuesday, 11/12/13
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Saturday, 11/09/13
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