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Steve Aoki & Le Castle Vania

The Tabernacle




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The electronic music scene is an interesting place these days. Artists are clawing and scrambling for new genres and sub-genres on a daily basis, desperate to find that label that sums them up in a quick consumable package to be marketed easily. Everyone is trying to get a leg up, create the illusion of innovation and evolution, so it's a rare breath of fresh air when DJs break free from the labels, explore new grounds and are continuously striving for growth. With that in mind, it's even rarer still to have an artist that cannot be labeled, an artist that takes whatever box he's been placed in and obliterates it and anyone around that would dare try to place a label on him. Most of the time, these artists aren't even aware that they're doing it. They're just being themselves.

Steve Aoki has been busy being himself for a long time. His label, Dim Mak Records, has been around for 15 years, crossing every genre imaginable. After distributing records from over 60 artists, Dim Mak is stronger than ever, recently releasing volume one of a 5 volume series celebrating their 15 year anniversary. Aoki has been nominated for countless awards, designed multiple fashion lines, collaborated with the greatest producers in the game, helped catapult the careers of numerous artists, and kept a touring schedule that would push the average person to the point of insanity. And, he's managed to do all of this without being pigeon-holed to a specific classification. If anything, he's created a unique brand within himself, and this past Saturday, Aoki brought his unique brand to the Tabernacle in Atlanta along with Liquified (, giving an eager audience a show full of face-melting bass and screaming synth that they won’t soon forget.

Liquified ( has been in the business of bringing outstanding electronic music to the masses since 1987, and after 20 years in the industry they've learned a thing or two. Bringing artists such as Deadmau5, Paul Oakenfold, Steve Angello, Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, DJ Chuckie, Tiesto, and countless others to the city of Atlanta. They've helped make the ATL one of the best unknown electronic scenes on the East Coast. DJs routinely come through Atlanta first, before taking off to play Miami or Vegas. When Liquified is on the flyer, it's the closest thing to a guarantee that you’re in for a great event.

I arrived at the Tabernacle a little after the doors opened, and even before walking in I could feel the bass rippling through the cement of the sidewalk outside. The DJ openers, Streetlurkin, otherwise known as Ryan Purcell and Lee Bates, were already knee deep in a set that on any other night would have made for one hell of a closer on the East Side. Recently signed to Always Never Records and regulars at Graveyard Tavern and the “FuckYesss” dance parties, these guys brought more than enough energy to quickly fill the floor and keep the house moving. In a world where DJ openers are traditionally filler music until the main event, Streetlurkin, accompanied by Rrrump more than held their own on the stage, dropping sick remixes of some crowd favorites from Skrillex and Daft Punk, and got a huge pop with their sick lead into Ducksauce's “Barbara Streisand.” By the time Dylan Eiland, aka Le Castle Vania, popped his head out from behind the curtain, the audience had already been worked into a crowd-surfing frenzy, making it easy for the highly-acclaimed young DJ/Producer to step in and take over.


In 2008, URB Magazine named Le Castle Vania one of their "Next 100" artists to watch, and for good reason. He's a machine of epic proportions, pushing out music at a rate that would leave your average producer exhausted. Undeterred, Dylan moves forward, like some electro-hellbot bent on destroying your mind one dirty beat at a time. Opening with insanely catchy “Nobody Gets Out Alive,” Dylan established his presence and immediately took over the room. Playing his remixes ranging from artists like La Roux to the Smashing Pumpkins, Le Castle Vania's showed his versatility, and brought the crowd to a near breaking point just in time for Steve Aoki to arrive.


When Steve Aoki took the stage, it was like he was going to war with the decks, the crowd, even the stage itself. He set a pace that seemed impossible to maintain and then immediately forced you to follow him or be trampled in the stampede. Aoki ruled over the crowd, dropping fan favorites 'Warp', 'I’m in the House', 'Brrrat', and 'Wake up Call,' taking the mic and screaming out his lyrics with an energy not typically seen by your average DJ. At one point the entire crowd joined together to sing while Aoki dropped his remix of Kid Cudi's “Pursuit of Happiness.” The highlight of the set had to be Niles Mason taking the stage to sing his summer smash collaboration with David Guetta, ‘Louder then Words.’ When the confetti cannons let loose during the final drop, with Aoki's hands outstretched and Niles belting out the lyrics, the entire building seemed to shake to its foundations, threatening to bring down the 100 year old building in a shower of splinters and bass.


From top to bottom this was a fantastic event, and well worth attending. Aoki was in top form, and those that were able to make it for Le Castle Vania and Streetlurkin were fortunate to bear witness to the future of the Atlanta electro-scene. Hats off to Liquified, Steve Aoki, Le Castle Vania, Streetlurkin, Rrrrump!, and to the Tabernacle for a fantastic night.




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For almost 20 years Liquified ( has been synonymous with the biggest and best electronic music events in North America. Founded in Manchester, England in 1989, Liquified relocated to North America in 1992 to help develop an emerging electronic music scene.


In the early 1990s Liquified threw parties along the East Coast in cities ranging from Charlotte to Miami, settling in Atlanta where they created a truly vibrant electronic music fan base and introduced some of the biggest names in dance music to the United States. Notably in 1996 Liquified organized and promoted Sasha and John Digweed's first ever US tour the now legendary 'Northern Exposure'.


In 1999 Liquified headed West and organized a series of ground-breaking after-hours parties that quickly established them as a major player in the West Coast dance music scene. Producing infamous events at the prestigious Mayan, where they put together the event that inspired John Digweed's 'Global Underground Los Angeles'. Their consistency in blooding the best new talent and bringing sizeable and passionate crowds to cities all over North america has put them in the top ranks of Electronic Music promoters in the US.