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One-on-One Interview



ATL Nightlife: Those who don’t know any better would think the band’s name illicit drugs. Can you clear this misconceived notion?  


The Crystal Method: It's like this… for almost 100 years artist and bands have been making, playing, and if they were luck releasing music. So you can only imagine how many band names have come and gone in that time. Let's say at least 100. Well, the word's "the crystal method" were spoken out loud by a rapper we were "producing" back in '91. His attempt to make small talk after hearing a friend by the name Crystal was coming by later to drive us to a rave/club produced the sequence of words that flowed well and sounded cool and was very edgy. If we were forming a band today we couldn't name ourselves TCM. But that's only because somebody would have beat us to it. There's a band named "the Crystal Methodist" and about 20 "Crystal" somethings out today. Besides, I have so many other edgy names ready to go. 


Besides, how many times have The Killers been asked "do you really kill people?" 

“Band’s name based on Vegas tracks like "Trip Like I Do," "Vapor Trail " and "She's My Pusher." The name actually derives from a woman named Crystal whom Jordan and Kirkland simultaneously had a crush on. "A friend of ours, a rapper, heard about our little dilemma and blurted out, 'Ah, the Crystal Method.' We just liked the way it sounded," Kirkland explains. The duo does, however, have something of a clandestine lab rigged up in the two-car garage on the property of the house they share in Glendale, Calif., but it's not for manufacturing illicit substances.” 



ATL Nightlife: Any Crystal Method fanatic can tell us your sounds are of squelching synthesizers and buzzing sirens and the vibe is all about crowd-pleasing intensity. Can you elaborate on this?


The Crystal Method: No that pretty much sums it up. Oh you can add "bombastic beats that penetrates your core and melody that soothe the soul." Yeah, I like that. 


ATL Nightlife: The Crystal Method returns to Atlanta and performs at Gold Room.  Your last performance in our city was at the Tabernacle with Benny Benassi.  Gold Room has a mature audience, who does this favor with you? 


The Crystal Method: I wouldn't say "mature" let's say experienced. We would much prefer to play venues that had no age restrictions or at least 18+. Unfortunately it's very difficult to find those venues that also provide alcohol and/or quality production. That said the most important thing for us is to be in the moment and deliver the goods. A few weeks back we played to 3,000 people at Bonnaroo (all ages) and the next night to a killer night club in St. Louis called Home and both nights were amazing. 


ATL Nightlife: Your latest track, “Come Back Clean” has a remix featuring Kaskade. Kaskade performed at GR months prior to a sold out house. He introduced Electronic/ Dance to GR and open the doors for more artists like yourself.  What’s your reaction?  


The Crystal Method: Ummm, Thank you Kaskade. No really that's awesome! Kaskade is a talented artist & DJ whom we regard as a friend as well. I understand that GR is a new venue and I have every confidence that the Liquified crew and the fine people of Atlanta, one our favorite cities, will support a venue that creates the right environment to enjoy a big night out. 


ATL Nightlife: What’s this summer have in store for you guys and when can we expect another chart-topping production to hit the digital airwaves?


The Crystal Method: In an effort to keep it short "Lot's of travel" and "Yes" 


ATL Nightlife: What advice can you give to a local DJ who’s inspired to follow in your footsteps.  


The Crystal Method: Five things: Refine your sound, define your style, find you soul, work your ass off and smile! Seriously people have fun!  


ATL Nightlife: Do you have any local spots you like to visit while in Atlanta? 


The Crystal Method: We've been visiting the ATL for so long most are closed. I met my wife in Backstreets & we used to eat the black and white soup at Bridgetown Grill in little 5 points. I do love the the soul food at South City Kitchen in Midtown. 



Louis Nguyen (Creative Writer   for ATL Nightlife)

 Article by Louis Nguyen
 Creative Writer for ATL Nightlife




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