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Lake Lanier Houseboat Party (Barry's 50th BDay) 








Sunday, July 27, 2010

ATL Nightlife set sail and took to Lake Lanier over the weekend to celebrate Barry Brooks’ 50th Birthday.

Those who say, “It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion in the ocean,” never set foot on Barry Brooks’ massive “Party Boat”—it sure ain’t no “dinghy!”




Barry Brook’s celebrates his 50th Birthday with friends and guest.



Hundreds flock to Cocktail Cove (Lake Lanier) for “fun in the sun!”



;Two-piece swimsuits and sun-kissed skin never go out of style.

Barry’s 100+ ft long, three-level houseboat is equipped with an outrageous mega sound system (capable of putting any nightclub to shame). He captains’ friends and guests out to Cocktail Cove (Lake Lanier) for an afternon of “fun in the sun!”




DJ Danny M and Josh “Rockstar” Garrett enjoys the change of scenery and “minimal” dress code attire.


Atlanta’s own DJ Danny M along with Ross Hoder, Andres Piraquive & more… provided the beats all day under the sun.


DJ Danny M says, “It’s the most fun one can have in 98 degree Georgia heat. I had a great time playing for a great crowd.” 




The “Aqua Benz” houseboat joins the party at Cocktail Cove (Lake Lanier).

With a boat filled with bikini-clad woman, it’s hard not to make any waves.


When the music cues, it’s like a “siren’s call” heeding mariners. Surrounding houseboats and small boats join the excitement and the event transform into a “Megazord” of boat parties. 




Rich Shaw and friends party with over 300+ boat partiers.



The top-level sundeck was a great retreat for sun bathing.




Summer is “officially” in full swing.  This season’s boat sessions are sure to make a big splash! So put on that sunscreen and pack those “flippy floppies”, because this summer “We’re on a BOAT!”






Louis Nguyen (Creative Writer   for ATL Nightlife)

 Article by Louis Nguyen
 Creative Writer for ATL Nightlife




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