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Atlanta goes “Hollywood” for 944 Media’s June “Music” Issue launch party at Whiskey Blue in Midtown.




June 8,  2010 --

The highly anticipated monthly social event made social media headlines with a slew of local artists and talent. The red carpet event flocked special guests and 944 Magazine die-hard fans alike.




Jeremy Brown pictured with singer/songwriter, Jessi Monroe and  Manager, Big Reese.



Director of Marketing, Jeremy Brown (944 Media) has quickly earned the reputation for hosting the “trendiest” social event/networking party in Atlanta nightlife.  





Jessi Monroe (Singer/Songwriter) demands attention with her “rocker next door” appeal. 


Coined “Glam Rocknista”, Jessi Monroe, helped kick-off the event and scored plenty of “admirers” with her signature bold red brimmed glasses and lovely blonde locks.





The Corzo® Brand sponsored social event served up delectable Corzo Tequila cocktail specials satisfying even the “hardest-to-please” Hollywood Starlets.






Guests rocked up in their freshest (and fiercest) attire- rubbing elbows with Atlanta’s young music industry. From savoy business entrepreneurs to fashion forward fashionistas, a “good-time” was definitely on the agenda that night. 






Singer, Elijah Jone’s (The Constellations) showcasing his trademark vocals.

Dubbed an Atlanta supergroup by locals, The Constellations take their studio project to stage- putting on a hard rocking, full frontal live show.




A crowd-pleasing, all-girl “Clap Squad” covers back-up vocals and completes the spectacle.





Frank Bell seen performing off his album, “On Passion and Reason”.


The talented, songwriting/artist, Frank Bell showcased his unique vocals and smooth acoustic melodies. 




The social event was a smashing success; guest who attended the event are sure to gossip to their social elite friends that they witnessed “stars in the making”.