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VEGAS defines Nightlife Part II


Learn from the best.


“VEGAS baby, vegas,” the famous quote from the movie "Swingers" (starring Vince Vaughn and Favreau) describes Vegas, or at least, what you are going to experience— the saying shows excessive excitement followed by a tiring last gasp…Well that’s Sin City. You will have a night to remember, and a morning to forget.  In this multi-billion dollar city jammed with nightlife, the goal is that you arrive in Vegas as a nobody (for most people), but make sure that at least in our minds, we leave Las Vegas with a sense that we are somebody. Lifestyle, that’s what Las Vegas is all about.


After long days of exhibit halls and seminars, The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show gave attendees the chance to finally experience the ultimate nightlife city with night time events in the top nightclubs in the world. We too, as industry professionals, were targeted. The lesson— the best marketing is lifestyle; the channel— the NCB left for us to see for ourselves, what it means to be the best.

Las Vegas has seven of the top ten nightclubs in the world. It is left for us observe as much as possible, at least until we loosen up, and trust me, it is impossible not to.


ATL Nightlife gives you, first hand, everything about these palaces full of glamour, flashes, and smiles; as we bring the spotlight on the two best nightclubs in the world.



#1 XS Nightclub – Las Vegas 




Located inside the Wynn’s second tower Encore (one of Vegas’ most luxurious hotels), XS Nightclub is the most expensive nightclub ever built (over $100 million dollars). The name literally means “excess”, because nothing less than excessive and extraordinary would find meaning in this club.


“There is no other nightclub like XS in the country, or better yet, the world,” says XS managing partner Cy Waits. 





XS Nightclub was built to symbolize and celebrate the human form. The venue has more than 10,000 light sources in order to bathe the room, excising it with an ethereal, rich gold, onyx and bronze accents glow. The excessive, high class energy flows through all 40,000 square feet (indoor and outdoor) of the facility, equipped with 95 indoor VIP tables and 30 outdoor VIP poolside cabanas. The venue can excessively entertain 2,000 at a time, as patrons enjoy the gold resin bar tops, a huge central chandelier over the island bar, and extreme DJ talent on the state-of-the-art designed stereo system that allows for perfect levels of music when the club is filled each night and also when the walls and ceiling slide away to incorporate the outdoor area into the mix.  

“This mega-club is not only the most expensive ever built, but will set an all-time industry revenue milestone.” 

“It is consistently the destination of choice of celebrities and average patrons alike. There is no comparison.” 

**Augments by judges who nominated XS Nightclub #1 Mega Nightclub in the Year, and #1 New Club of the Year (built December 08).

As one of the rewards for topping the revenue-based list consisting of 100 night clubs across the country ($50-60 MM in total revenue), XS hosted the legendary Top 100 Party on the second night of the convention.




XS serves patrons with both libations and the finest luxuries of life. 



#2 Tao – Las Vegas




Located near the Strip-side entrance of The Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian, most anyone will be wowed by Tao. It is ranked year after year as the highest-grossing establishment in the industry.

For years, Vegas cultivated themes up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, but since Tao opened in September of 2005, themed entertainment was taken to a whole another level by this Asian-influenced nightclub in the heart of Sin City. 



Tao is 10,000 square feet in size, and capable of holding an incredible 6,500 guests a night. The atmosphere is enriched by elements such as models in bathtubs filled with rose petals, giant Murano glass chandeliers, towering two-story Buddhist statues and bottle service tables that allow dancers to be both separated from and surrounded by action at all times.

“Tao is the highest grossing hospitality concept in the country, located in the largest hotel in the world; we have to be the best to exceed expectations.” 

“Ultimately, what makes Tao special is the combination of exciting entertainment backed by great service. A-list celebrities and world-renowned DJ talent create a major draw and have made Tao a destination in Las Vegas for visitors and locals alike. Once they are inside we wow them with amazing service and stunning décor, making sure they have a great experience and will want to return.”

For the closing night of the event, the 10th annual installment of the DJ Spin-Off was held at Tao. The venue featured celebrity appearances by Justin Timberlake, tennis superstar Venus Williams and reality TV’s Pauly D.



 Tao's sound system is considered state of the art as world known DJs constantly feature on weekly line ups.




Upon returning to Atlanta, our attendees brought home one main question: Is the nightlife industry in Atlanta now capable of supporting multi-million dollar investments? Is it possible to achieve such great success in a city that does not ultimately revolve around entertainment?





Opera Nightclub






Gold Room






Tongue & Groove






Havana Club



We will never know until it’s tried, and I don’t think it is time yet. I believe there are many things Atlanta’s nightlife needs to accomplish before we can support such an investment. Glenn Haussman, a New York City-based lodging industry and F&B expert who has covered the business for more than 12 years, wrote a great article about whether Las Vegas’ style travels well to second-tier cities, called Vegas Nation, be sure to check it out.



Be sure to leave your comments below, such as your opinion on alcoholic beverages, your Las Vegas experience and any comments about the night club industry in Atlanta.


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