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The 2010 Nightclub & Bar Convention in Las Vegas


(Coverage by ATL NIGHTLIFE)



VEGAS defines Nightlife Part I


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It’s no coincidence that the most anticipated nightlife networking event was held in Las Vegas. The city wears lights, breathes alcohol, thinks entertainment, but leaves the dreams for us to experience. From the moment you take your first step off the airplane, you become the prey for value rich billboards and illuminated signs, selling the one thing that no one minds being sold to— Lifestyle.

Sin City sleeps by day and entertains by night, and crossing the Last Vegas Strip brings ambition, a sense of power, and, most importantly, a sense of living the life that everyone in a world of 6.7 billion wishes they were experiencing. That moment is yours to seize, the world is yours in Vegas.

It’s all picture perfect and everything seems to be magic, but it’s not, and behind the scenes, behind all the glamour and pizzazz, there are the people who make it all possible. The workforce that never rests and the hard working, business magnates’ entrepreneurs. Las Vegas is the city that all industry professionals admire for unique ideas, business lessons and insights. 




Held in the Las Vegas Convention Center, with its 3.2 million square feet, 144 meeting rooms, 16 exhibit halls, lobby and concourse areas, The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show (NCB) brought together everything and everyone that impacts this exciting  industry. The attendance can be classified into six profiles:


1) Entrepreneurs in search of ideas, energy and motivation.
2) Promising beverage products and brands seeking their place in bars and nightclubs.
3) Established brands that must stay significant and visible. 
4) Bar and Nightclub owners who send their employees to seminars to gain knowledge and obtain the tools necessary to succeed.
5) Technologies being introduced that must have efficient access into the industry.
6) Anyone else who is passionate about the business.   

The networking event drew attendees from all over the U.S., along with participants from 26 foreign countries. 386 exhibits were shown, 60 seminars were taught and 26,000 professionals attended, traveling back home with a thick checkbook and a large variety of ideas to compete profitably in today’s marketplace.


But what did Atlanta get out of it? What are the business magnates of our city bringing back from Las Vegas? Well, for that you will have to wait and see, but I can guarantee it will be one, if not all, of the three featured categories: 


  1. 1) Promising and enthusiastic alcohol brands.
  2. 2) New and effective marketing ideas.
  3. 3) New features to increase mood and atmosphere in the club.

When it comes to alcohol brands, the spot light was on 901 Silver Tequila. If bottles could talk they would talk in the name of 901 Silver Tequila, and if bottles could sing, they would sing “Candy Shop” along with The Dan Band. Believe it or not, Dan Finnerty (performances in Old School and The Hangover) drew everyone’s attention as 901 Silver Tequila took home the prize for most creative exhibit in my opinion. If that’s not enough, Justin Timberlake, founder of the brand raised a glass of 901 Silver Tequila while wishing the NCB Convention a happy 25th Anniversary. 

Setting buzz apart, and talking quality: 901 Silver Tequila’ ;s product leaves no doubt as to why it has been rising fast in the industry with its exceptionally smooth tequila, so you’ll never have to shove a fruit salad in your mouth to erase the memory of whatever just hit your lips. Something tells me we will be seeing, and, of course, tasting a lot of 901 Silver Tequila in the ATL.




Flawless Vodka brought up the question whether or not it could be the next high end prestigious vodka brand by introducing a mix between hard candy and the finest vodka to produce great flavors and vibrant colors. Although this might be too early to tell, I would not be surprised to see this brand gaining visibility over the next few years.



Now, although entertainment and good taste could have also been found elsewhere, where was the party? The party was definitely at AGWA de Bolivia exhibit, an herbal liquor made with Wild Bolivian Coca Leaf hand crafted in Amsterdam and enhanced with 36 other natural Herbs & Botanicals. The exhibit kept the party going with shots and giveaways, such as floral leis and samples. The lime green theme color remembers St. Patty’s day, but it is no coincidence. Richard, the founder / owner of the brand, is a true Irishman who loves to party. Richard and Chuck (national brand manager) were socialites driven by confidence in their product.




Alright, you have a good product or service. Now what? Well its time to reach your target audience. But marketing in the nightlife has always been a challenge, how to bring customers to the venues without creating spam? MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and text messages have become over-saturated with events, invitations and promotional content, statuses and posts. The new theme for  nightlife marketing is ENGAGE. Engaging costumers through media content and information, educating clients about the value your venue brings to the table. Facebook fan pages, Twitter live feeds and smart phone apps seem to be the next step, but when it comes to marketing technologies the only way to determine effectiveness is through trial and error, while other methods come along and these same methods get saturated.  

Finally, what separates a club from a mega-club? Most people would answer the obvious— the size, but that’s not all there is to it. A mega-club consists of regular celebrity appearances that draw on a specific fan base, regular performances by world known DJs and artists, and sound and light systems used to create the mood and atmosphere desired.

The NCB exhibits were full of innovative technologies and features used to increase the atmosphere at the dance floor. Sound Stage Systems (Synergetic Audio Concepts trained to the highest standards) shared their ideas and lighting effects for clubs in 2010, having worked with multiple well-known venues, such as Love Nightclub (Washington, DC) and Pearl Ultra Lounge (Hawaii).

But it was Technifex who wowed everyone with the multiple possibilities for features. The exhibit used state of the art lightning effects combined with illusions, special e ffects on water, and a dramatic, unforgettable effect with fire. This gives club owners a lot of options to create and innovate when it comes to atmosphere.

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With the 25th Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show now behind us, all that’s left to do is wait and see what the changes in the club scene will be in 2010. Year after year, new trends and styles arise and the industry must always be adapting. The night scene is fast paced, and while the workforce and entrepreneurs must always stay focused, it is up to you, the fans, to make sure all of the hard work is worth it by partying hard, leaving the working hard for us. 



Click here to see Vegas defines Nightlife Part II



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