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Steve Aoki at Opera Nightclub


(Coverage by ATL NIGHTLIFE)


Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki, a Californian DJ, also known as “Kid Millionaire” is the mastermind behind Dim Mak Records, the label that help jumpstart the careers of Bloc Party, MSTRKFT, and The Bloody Beetroots.  



Steve Aoki


Aoki hosts parties regularly in the City of Angels and plays clubs and festivals all over the globe and this year he’s been making a big noise on his Asia Tour and now in the States.


Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki comes fresh off his “I’m In The House Asia Tour” to Opera Nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia for an unforgettable night of club banging, sweaty beats.  


Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki brings the noise with confetti and champagne drenched club boppers rocking Dim Mak swag. 


Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki’s presence was definitely felt “In The House”. 

Steve Aoki


Playboy Bunnies and Pixies Fairies? I’ve died and gone to heaven…


One-on-One Interview with Steve Aoki 



ATL NightlifefeYou are the visionary behind Dim Mak Records who discovered artists like Bloc Party, MSTRKRFT, and The Bloody Beetroots, do you ever step back and see how much you’ve accomplished at a ripe age of 32 years old?


Steve Aoki: I take everything day-by-day, when I look at it as a whole, it does feel like a big chuck of my life. There are accomplishments but theirs also more work that needs to be done.  I’m always looking at the next step on how to better the label and artists.  We’ve been around for 13 years and put out over 170 records.


ATL Nightlife: Record and Distribution labels are becoming something of the past but Dim Mak has pushed forward as a premiere album and distribution label.  How have you been able to make Dim Mak Records such a success?


Steve Aoki:  It’s always about the artists you have on the label.  Which one is going to put you at the front of the game in terms of their sound like MSTRKRFT and The Bloody Beetroots are leading the charge.  Then there is my sound, but when I think of DIM MAK Records I think of artist outside of me like Felix Cartel and Armand Van Helden.  It’s these artists that are going to tell the story of the label. 


ATL Nightlife: You recently don your producer hat to release your own single, “I’m in The House.” What was it like working on the project, which features “Zuper Blahq”?


Steve Aoki It’s the first single, presumably off my upcoming album.  I have 11 songs featuring Travis Barker, Sky Ferreira, Lil Jon, Kid Cudi, Kele from Bloc Party, Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, Black Star, Taio Cruz, and more.  It’s a dance record with different takes of various music genres like Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop that all centers around a dance record.  This is an album that is more about “song craftsmanship” then just “club bangers”.  I wrote this album to inspire what the definition of “a great song” is. 


ATL Nightlife: You’re a force in the fashion industry releasing your own Dim Mak Collection and collaborating with top notch fashion labels designing and developing your own fashion line with the likes of Ksubi, KR3W, and Supra Footwear.  Where do you pull your inspiration?


Steve Aoki: I get my inspirations from what’s relevant and surrounds me at that given moment.  When Supra Footwear first approached me, I wanted to inspire a shoe for a skate company that wasn’t meant for a skateboarder.  Basically, what I wanted to bring to Supra Footwear was a high-end couture sneaker.  I took a classy woman’s boot that you would see with straps and masculinized it into a men’s shoe.  Fashion is really about woman.  If you take what’s going on in that world and make it cool and forward thinking, guys would want to wear and they would never know.  It’s also great to take inspirations and influences from something you would never expect and then translate it into your own world. 


ATL Nightlife: Have you thought about pursuing a career in acting or doing cameo appearances like your dear friend and late DJ AM in Iron Man 2?


Steve Aoki: I’m not against cameos or features but at the same time I’m not pursuing acting as a career.  I’ll brag about this now because it’s so cool.  I was asked to do a cameo appearance in Ben Stiller’s movie, Tropic Thunder.  The scene where Tom Cruise’s character, Les Grossman, is in his office and plays “ Get Low” on his iPod, they asked me to be Tom Cruise’s personal DJ.  Tom Cruise’s character is so eccentric that he would have his own DJ in is office.  I agreed to do the movie but the scene never happened because of a scheduling conflict.


ATL Nightlife: How’s it feel coming back to Atlanta?


Steve Aoki:  Honestly, I’m still looking for that great experience in Atlanta.  I haven’t felt like I’ve put my stamp on the city where I left a really good show for the crowd to be like, “F*ck! I’ll remember that show for a really long time!” So I’m looking forward to tonight at Opera and I’m really excited to have a proper stage.

ATL Nightlife: Are there any local spots in Atlanta we can find you hanging out at?

Steve Aoki:  MF Buckhead is my favorite spot!  Every time I go to a city, I always try out a new spot but in Atlanta, I don’t even want to try any new spots… I’m happy with MF Buckhead.  Alex Kinjo is the “man” and I always want to support that dude.  Dallas Austin’s Studio is another spot I like to visit and kick it with Dallas, one of my true “ATL Homies”. 


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