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Kaskade at Gold Room



(Coverage by ATL NIGHTLIFE)

Gold Room teamed up with Liquified Events and ATL Nightlife for a monumental night with music phenom, Ryan Raddon a.k.a. Kaskade.



Gold Room reached max capacity; the club was practically ripping at the seams.

Gold Room has been hesitant, almost overly resistant, in adding big name acts to their DJ lineup-- but with constant pressure from other Atlanta nightclubs with their full lineup of DJs/Producers/Artists and Atlanta’s club patrons; Gold Room finally puts up the “white flag”.





View from DJ Booth at Gold Room with Kaskade




Alex Kinjo, Owner of MF Buckhead, enjoys the evening with friends


The renowned DJ/Producer, Kaskade tours the US with his newly released album, Dynasty.  The album is styled after a melodic space odyssey; slowly working it’s way into your system, and preparing you for the ride ahead.  Once “Don’t Stop Dancing” featuring Dragonette hits… “Houston, we have lift off!” The dance floor-crushing track has you in a whirlwind of synthesized strings and undeniable vocals.




Death-defying aerialists amaze onlookers.

“Dance music, once referred to as the “Bastard Child” of music,” says Kaskade, “ Madonna and Lady Gaga have brought it mainstream.”




Who says blondes have more fun?




My Le Lam, Bartender at Gold Room, had the best seat in the house.

After an epic night at Gold Room, Facebook was buzzing with chatter from Gold Room attendees.  My Le Lam was on hand bartending at Gold Room Friday night, she proclaims, “ Wow, the epitome of what a nightclub should be was Gold Room tonight. One word to sum it all up “fcukingretardedamazing!”


My Le Lam goes on to say, “ I had to stop serving a few times just so I could step back and soak in all the energy. The videographer needed to stand where I stood. It was like Jesus rising from the dead to drop some wicked tracks for his cult following. I think I've just been “baptized”.”


Be sure to also check out the VIDEO and the entire gallery of PHOTOS from this event.



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