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TAP's Fiesta de Mayo at Cantina


(Coverage by ATL NIGHTLIFE)



Team America Promotions (TAP) hosted their first annual Fiesta de Mayo, May 1st at the Cantina Taqueria & Tequila Bar.





The Ruckus Performing Live at Fiesta de Mayo


The crowd enjoyed live music performance by Atlanta’s own, The Ruckus and DJ Triple M Justin Godsey laid down beats that course through the Terminus Breezeway in the heart of Buckhead.




Bacardi Girls keeps the Barcardi Cherry Rum flowing all day long.


Alcohol was in no short supply with Bacardi and Jose Cuervo, on helm, hosting the event.  Patrons enjoyed $4 16 oz. Dos Equis, $5 Upside Down Margaritas, $5 Mojitos, and $5 Bombs All-Day!




Buckhead Bonitas” rocking a pair of maracas. ¡Ay, caramba! 


Cantina Taqueria & Tequila Bar was a perfect venue to celebrate Fiesta De Mayo.  When the humid weather and gusts of wind reeked havoc in the Breezeway, Cantina’s large bar served as a perfect retreat for everyone.  With ample “sombrero” space, handlebar mustache sporting hombres were free to schmooze with the plethora of “Buckhead Bonitas”.




“Are gringos falling from the sky?” – Three Amigos 


Fiesta de Mayo would not be complete without Costume Contests and

Giveaways.  Contest consist of the "Most Interesting Man in Buckhead", the "Sassiest Senorita" and "Best Mexican May-stache!" One lucky winner will receive a 3-Day Getaway to MEXICO!


Votes for Costume Contests Giveaways can be submitted to http://www.TAPATL.com, winners will be announced later this month.




One-on-One Interview with TAP's Cooper Anderson


ATL NIGHTLIFE: Tell us a little bit about TAP; how did you and the guys come up with the concept and what inspired you?


Cooper Anderson: TAP was originally just a large group of friends that met each other a few years ago and started throwing pool parties each summer. The original group was 15-25 girls and guys that hung out every weekend.  After having a few really successful July 4th pool parties, people started to us as “Team America”. This July 4th party got to be so large and the response so positive that we decided to begin charging a cover for them and throwing other events. We rented our first professional venue out for Halloween a two and a half years ago and hence Team America Promotions, or ‘TAP’, was born!


ATL NIGHTLIFE: Along with hosting specials events and numerous charity galas, you guys have reputable careers.  How do find balance between the two?


Cooper Anderson: It can definitely be tough, especially leading up to larger events like Fiesta De Mayo. I help to manage a commodity investment fund in buckhead and my hours at work are pretty demanding so it can be a juggling act at times. However, we are always really good about delegating responsibilities among ourselves, staying flexible, and have a great network of people and friends that help us out a ton!


ATL NIGHTLIFE: What’s a typical day for Cooper Anderson?


Cooper Anderson: I usually try to get a workout in first thing in the morning and then I head to work around 8:30-9am. I help manage and trade a large commodity investment fund as well as help drive the creation of new investment products for our firm so every day is different. One day I can be trading large amounts of orange juice (yes, just like in trading places ha) and another I might be writing a whitepaper on the benefits of commodity investments. Definitely keeps things interesting! In addition to my day job, I started an online agricultural ecommerce site, volunteer for the High Museum and Atlanta Wine School, I have my TAP responsibilities, and I try to maintain a decent social life so it really just depends what day of the week it is!

ATL NIGHTLIFE: How close are you with the guys of TAP?


Cooper Anderson: We’re all really good friends.  And that concept of a core group of friends hanging out and having a good time is really the place where TAP started from…


ATL NIGHTLIFE: How did Fiesta De Mayo at Cantina turn out overall?


Cooper Anderson: It turned out great, we had a good looking group of people (as we always do!) show up to see what a fun restaurant Cantina is as well as enjoy the breezeway at Terminus 100 in Buckhead.  On the entertainment side, Justin Godsey and the Ruckus sounded awesome and did a fantastic job as did our favorite Atlanta DJ, DJ MMM (pronounced “triple M”).


ATL NIGHTLIFE: Was it what you expected and what could you have done differently?


Cooper Anderson: Everything went as expected. Of course with an outdoor event there’s always the weather factor, but having the breezeway on Café Street covered really helped although with the wind coming through there you definitely had to hold your sombrero on your head!


ATL NIGHTLIFE: How did you feel about the breezeway? Weather? Crowd? Cantina?


Cooper Anderson: Café Street, which includes the breezeway area at Terminus 100, was terrific. It’s a really cool space with great views. The weather could have been better but it never actually rained and we still managed to have a great turnout regardless… Cantina was totally on the ball in terms of staffing, drinks, and serving up some excellent food!


ATL NIGHTLIFE: Can we expect another Fiesta De Mayo next year? Same venue?


Cooper Anderson: You sure can! Same venue!


ATL NIGHTLIFE: What does TAP have in store for any upcoming events?


Cooper Anderson: We’re exploring doing a charity event on July 3rd, having a private pool party on July 4th , and will be looking to possibly do another event late summer/early fall before our annual Halloween bash.

Be sure to also check out the VIDEO and the entire gallery of PHOTOS from this event.



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