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Benny Benassi at Opera Nightclub


(Coverage by ATL NIGHTLIFE)



Grammy Award winning DJ/Producer Benny Benassi, the hot trotting Italian 'Satisfaction' superstar, kicked off his new USA tour by taking center stage at Opera Nightclub on Wednesday, April 15, 2010.


ATL Nightlife was on the scene providing full event coverage --  including photos, video, and a one-on-one interview with the one-and-only, Benny Benassi.


Some of our favorite shots from the night include:


Benny Benassi at Opera Nightclub


A crowd of 2,000+ at Opera Nightclub in front of superstar DJ, Benny Benassi


The line outside Opera Nightclub for Benny Benassi

The line outside for Benny Benassi wrapped around Opera Nightclub


Local DJ Mike Czech opened up for Benny Benassi

Local DJ Mike Czech (Music Fresh) delivered one of the best opening sets we’ve ever heard and got the crowd amped for Benassi’s epic performance


Fans at Opera for Benny Benassi


Some fans of Benny Benassi ready to get the night started


Cast of the Vampire Diaries at Opera


The cast of the Vampire Diaries was on the scene at Opera Nightclub


Benny Benassi in the DJ Booth


Benny Benassi keeping the crowd energy high


Smoke comes downBenassi in front of 2,000+ fansOpera Nightclub Flashing Lights


Energy. Excitement. Euphoria.


Benny Benassi at Opera Smoke Shot


The show itself was incredibly fun, high-energy, and invigorating — Benny Benassi rocked out on stage, tantalizing us with his mixture of electro, techno and house dosed with minimalist flair.


Benny Benassi’s DJ style is easy to describe -- it’s kinda electro, sort of house-tec, dirty and cool, sweaty and smooth.

ATL Nightlife Q&A Spotlight with Benny Benassi


Benny Benassi in the DJ Booth


ATL Nightlife: You live in Italy but you prefer to play in the states and other parts of Europe.  Why is that?

Benny Benassi: I prefer to play in the States because the sounds systems are “big” and the people are crazy for the sound of the bass, especially now, with the popularity of Electro and House music.  

ATL Nightlife: In your opinion, what is the best music festival in the world?


Benny Benassi: It has to be “Coachella”, it’s coming up this Friday!


ATL Nightlife: What is your other passion in life besides DJing?


Benny Benassi: I’m Italian, so of course I like to cook.  I cook with a lot of fish and I also like to infuse it with Asian flavors and spices. 


ATL Nightlife: You love to dance, who gets your blood pumping on the dance floor?

Benny Benassi: I love Congorock, he’s a new DJ from Italy; he’s very big over in Europe.  We are very lucky in the Italian community; we have a lot of talent like the Crookers, The Bloody Beetroots, etc.  I’m also really into Shinichi Osawa from Japan right now.


ATL Nightlife: The release of “Satisfaction” was a game changer for you.  Where do you go from here?


Benny Benassi: I’m working with my cousin, Alle Benassi, who is also my producer.  We have a new Pop single coming out with Kelis, Apl (Black Eyed Peas), and the talented writer, Jean-Baptiste.  Our direction is to blend funky bass lines with pop music and hopefully it’s receives well on the radio. 

ATL Nightlife: Tell us about your latest projects?


Benny Benassi: We have a new studio in the works for our production company, Basic Music. And of course, we kicked off my USA tour tonight at Opera.


ATL Nightlife: Last time you were in town you played at the Tabernacle, how does it feel to be back?

Benny Benassi: I love Atlanta, last time I played with Crystal Method and it was a good crowd, big show.


ATL Nightlife: How does Opera Nightclub compare?

Benny Benassi: The crowd tonight was amazing! From the first track to the last, people were going crazy! I love the new setup on stage it makes for a good show.


Benny Benassi's performance on Wednesday, April 15th at Opera Nightclub was nothing short of epic and unforgettable.


Be sure to also check out our photo and video coverage of this event.


Stay tuned for future event coverage including Sander van Doorn, the #10 ranked DJ in the World – coming to Opera Nightclub on Wednesday, April 21st. To buy tickets, visit Opera Nightclub's website.




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