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ATLANTA, GA – November 11, 2009 – ATL Nightlife (, a leading nightlife photography and videography company based out of Atlanta GA launched their long awaited and redesigned website today.

In addition to a completely new look, the new ATL Nightlife website features cutting-edge features such as complete and seamless integration with the facebook Connect platform. Users are now able to bypass the tedious registration process and simply login to the ATL Nightlife website via their facebook account, a completely safe and secure alternative. In addition, users can now share content, such as photos and videos, from the ATL Nightlife website with their friends on facebook, For those users without facebook, an alternative form of registration is available and offers similar features and functionality.

"Our website was due for a complete overhaul. We’re responding to the demand from our fan base and hope to provide them with a website that not only offers the kind of content they’re looking for, but also ranks high in usability and user experience,” said Michael Mogill, founder and owner of ATL Nightlife, “We’ve been dispersing out photos and videos between both facebook and our website for quite some time now, so we figured, ‘Why not bridge the gap?’ – and that’s where the facebook Connect platform comes in.”

Creative Increase (, a leading web design and development firm based out of Atlanta, GA provided the creative inspiration, design, and development work for the new ATL Nightlife website. “We wanted to create a website that wasn’t just cutting-edge to be cutting-edge, but rather something that could help elevate ATL Nightlife and allow them to better reach their target audience,” said Simeon Kolev, co-founder of Creative Increase. “We were very familiar with the growing influence ATL Nightlife was having on the nightlife and entertainment market in Atlanta and wanted to make sure that we did them justice with this new website design and kept it in alignment with their goals,” said Peter Stacho, co-founder of Creative Increase. 

ATL Nightlife has set itself apart from the pack by working with the best in the industry, offering the highest in production value, and putting a unique spin on Atlanta nightlife photography and videography.

“Working with Creative Increase was a joy. These guys literally worked night and day to make sure we were happy with the final product and they exceeded nearly all of my expectations,” said ATL Nightlife founder Michael Mogill, “To put it simply, these guys are the real deal and we’re proud to have them on board as partners to ATL Nightlife.”

Founded in late-2009, ATL Nightlife ( is a joint collaboration between mogillphoto, Chuckyfoto and POINT CLICK SHOOT.  By bringing together some of the best photographers, videographers, and personalities in all of Atlanta, ATL Nightlife strives to provide a
completely unique nightlife experience.  Their motto: “WORK HARD, PARTY HARDER!” They are "Atlanta’s Party Photographers" -- they don’t just capture the party, they MAKE the party!


Creative Increase ( is a team of creative individuals working to make sure your next design project is pixel perfect. Based out of Atlanta, GA they provide clients with an extensive list of services that include web design & development, print design, internet advertisements, and more.  With a small but talented team, and over 15 years of experience in the filed they are able to undertake projects both large and small.


In a modern day society where success is determined by image and representation Creative Increase can help your business establish a professional and unique image. Their inspiration drives them to create better and more successful projects that exceed client expectations. 

For more information contact:

Michael Mogill
ATL Nightlife
tel: (404) 384-0366