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Liquified presents The Manufactured Superstars feat. MOGILL and LOS


On Saturday, July 9th Manufactured Superstars, individually known as Brad (aka B-Rad) and Shawn founders of Beatport stopped by the QUAD for what was sure to be night of high-energy dance remixes and electronic music mash-ups.


With Atlanta’s EDM scene growing larger and more diverse this duo couldn’t have chosen a better spot on their on-going journey, performing nation-wide. Let’s backup for a minute and recap the night from the very beginning. If you have never been to the QUAD before you’ll notice the underground rave-style atmosphere of this unique venue.


When ATL Nightlife arrived on the scene there were two distinctive sounds heard from the main room and the smaller basement arena. With the venue slowly filling up we took time to listen to both performers. The younger audience seemed to congregate in the lower level of the QUAD and was aggressively dancing to a young Dubstep DJ. After giving this young man a shot we felt it was best to investigate what the main room had to offer. In the main-room DJ MOGILL was spinning a more expansive set than his normal variety. To our surprise another member of the Reboot family was present in the booth, the closing DJ and winner of Genre Attack the night before, DJ LOS.


With some time before The Manufactured Superstars took take the stage, ATL Nightlife was granted an exclusive opportunity to interview both members of The Manufactured Superstars, Brad & Shawn. The two gentlemen were extremely down to earth and were looking forward to playing in Atlanta for the first time. I can’t tell you all of what was said in the interview because that would spoil our upcoming video feature. I can tell you that their passion and generosity was remarkable for such accomplished people in the EDM world.



As it was time for take off, Manufactured Superstars took the stage and immediately demanded the attention of the crowd from within the entire venue. With the signature robotic voice stating, “You are listening to Manufactured Superstars”, their two and a half hour set had officially begun. The one unique characteristic with all of The Manufactured Superstars sets is their unmatched ability to create an experience of sounds featuring mash-ups, remixes and original tracks of their very own. As more and more tracks played throughout the night the crowd would yell with positivity, urging them to play more and more. The tracks of the night included remixes and mash-ups from Daft Punk, Robyn, MARRS, Madonna, Adele, Cee Lo Green, Skrillex, The Killers and much more. Don’t worry Manufactured Superstars fans, they played their popular single, “Take Me Over” right off the bat, which proved to be a surefire crowd pleaser.


As the smoke began to clear it was time for Manufactured Superstars to closeout their set and turn it over to the closer – DJ LOS. Little did we know that The Manufactured Superstars actually used DJ MOGILL’s hardware set-up and even autographed it personally! What a great way to end their set, huh?! As more and more glowstick carrying youngsters entered the room the party definitely didn’t stop. While battling a more rave like atmosphere DJ LOS definitely brought his unique big house sound to the QUAD once again. As mentioned before DJ LOS had won a cut-throat competition the night before and certainly carried the momentum through the end of the evening.


Overall the night was a fusion of musical creativity and collaborations from local to international talent. On twitter The Manufactured Superstars stated, “Thanks ATL it was a fun night we will def be back soon.” They even were gracious enough to give a shout out to DJ MOGILL. We welcome The Manufactured Superstars back to Atlanta with open arms and look forward to more singles off their upcoming album.